Sustainable construction (or “green building”) seeks to minimize the environmental impact of its activity on the environment and its inhabitants throughout its life cycle.

The principles of sustainable construction include:

  • The consideration of climatic conditions, the hydrography and the ecosystems of the environment in which the buildings are constructed, to obtain maximum performance with the least impact.
  • Efficient use of energy through the use of constructive solutions to cover demand with passive solar energy and the rest with renewable energy sources.
  • The efficiency and moderation in the use of construction materials taking into account the environmental impact throughout its life cycle.
  • The efficient use of water through the use of rainwater, reuse of water, and recycling of gray water.
  • The protection of the health of the occupants.
  • The reduction of waste, pollution, and degradation of the environment.


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The design of sustainable buildings is about finding the balance between building construction and environmental sustainability, defined in the Brundland Report as satisfying the needs of current generations without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

This requires close collaboration between the building design team, architects, technical architects and engineers, and the client in all phases of the project.

Marti Maluquer

Masos Bonafont, SL

Pere Maluquer

Masos Bonafont SL



Jordi París


The Partner

The land of Can Canal is owned by Masos Bonafont. It is family run and a unique and exclusive promotion for those who want to live in a state-of-the-art house at the foot of some spectacular parklands.

Since there are no intermediaries, there are no surcharges on the land and we offer a unique promotion at an unbeatable price in the Maresme area.

The architecture studio

This innovative architectural project has been developed by the Pich-Aguilera architecture studio, specialized in eco-sustainable construction.

Felip Pich-Aguilera, the founding partner of PichArchitects, is also the president of the GBCe (Green Building State Council), which is defined as “a non-profit association that unites representatives of all the building sector agents with the purpose of contributing to the transformation of the real estate market towards more sustainable construction”.

As such, Can Canal forms a set of single-family houses that unite the latest technologies in green architecture tested and supported by the numerous awards and recognitions that the architects’ studio has received in recent years.

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